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A blend of photo journalism and Poetry

I am sure you have a lot of questions about the practical stuff, prices and all that , but I feel there are a few things I need to tell you.

Well for starters, I am based in the province of Bergslagen in Sweden, but I accept assignments worldwide. So distance is not a problem, It’s really an advantage I would say. North, South, Sweden, Europe or any other exotic destination you might be considering, I will follow you. Just go ahead and ask me!

Another thing I need to mention is that, when it comes to weddings, I photograph wedding stories only. Whatever long or short story your wedding will tell, that’s the one I want to document with my photography. It really doesn’t matter if your are planning a long or short wedding day, a big or a little event, you put your heart and soul into planning it. I will put my heart and soul into telling your story. I am not doing series of pretty portraits, so if you are willing to consider having your whole wedding story documented through my vision and heart, I am yours!