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A blend of photo journalism and Poetry

Why do I photograph?

I really can’t be sure…I think it is a need as much as it is a part of who I am. A while ago, I realized something, though.

I had been feeling that I was always aiming at a certain, undefined feeling, in every picture I took . Like a personal and concealed message, and when it wasn’t there the way I subconsciously  anticipated it, I would get madly frustrated at myself. It took a long time, before I   understood and saw myself clearly in my work. Then, one day, it came to me. This thing, this message, I was unaware of, but compulsively trying to pass forward through my photography: 

I want the world to know that everybody and everything fits. It just does. 

You fit. Perfectly.

Framed by what ever surroundings, any given second. Regardless of circumstances or others. I seek and wait for that special moment. That frame, when there will be no argue about how beautifully you suit this chain of love and humanity. Just by being there, and being you.

I imagine that ultimately, by continuously searching and exposing this sense of harmony and belonging around me, I might be searching for my own sense of belonging.

Hoping that in doing that, the misfit in me will fit too.