Destination Wedding Photographer - Sonia Jansson

Photo credit: Jane & Haglund

There are few things that I find more meaningless than to write a presentation .

I feel it’s  bound to miss its purpose.
I really can’t imagine what I could tell you about myself, that would make a difference in wether you will choose to intrust me with the documentation of your most treasured moments in life or not.

I keep hoping that my photography will tell you all you need to know about my person, my sensitivities, and what get’s me ticking. I tell myself that if I am true enough to myself in my work, you will inevitably see through it and get a fairly clear idea of the person behind the camera.

I am sure that it is so, to some point.
Of course I understand the need for a formal presentation, and that might be the reason for me sitting here trying to argument against it’s raison d’être.

Oh, well! If there is something you need to know, it might be the following.

The moment I accept your assignment, is the moment I unleash a uncontrollable desire to immerse myself in the world that brought our paths together. Telling your story. Using mine.




I stumble on emotions and insights all day long. I put them tight together through a thread of  visual and aesthetic impulses that I obey uncompromisingly.

I never question them. I just follow them.

The thought that I might fail telling your story, has not even crossed my mind… because there are no doubts in my mind that it will be there. Waiting for me. Calling for me.
All I have to do ,really, is to follow this unleashed desire to understand and see. That’s all I do…

…but for all purposes, here it goes:

“Hello! My name i Sonia, a compulsive,  uncompromising, and emotionally involved storyteller. How can I serve you?”


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I am a proud member of the gathering group for Sweden’s best wedding photographers:





I also have the honor of being  a “Good Fella”, a wedding vendor they strongly recommend on Sweden’s most beautiful Wedding blog, Vintage Honey Moon:

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I am also a proud photographer for the Essence Vitae Project, for families enduring life threatening diseases.