Destination Wedding Photographer - Sonia JanssonA destination wedding photographer? And based in Scandinavia? Of all places?

I learned early that there is no guaranty that you’ll get to do what you love in life…or love what you do for that matter.In fact, I sometimes think  that there is really no guaranty you will even discover what it is that you would love to do . Are you still following me?

For me, it came  like a storm, this certitude that I had just found my vocation.

I need to photograph to see, to really see ,everything and everyone around me. Otherwise, life, and the world around me will pass me by. I’m way to deep in my own head.
Once I knew that, I also knew I could never do anything else.

I love the way I see the world with my camera in hand. I love  the way I feel when I am pulling out the essence of every story. Extracting the Stoff that memories are made of.

I feel happy doing it. So you see, this photographing personal and corporate stories for my clients…it’s all very egoistic really. It’s all about me, even when it’s all about you.

I hope you will forgive me for that.
On the other side, because it makes me so happy, I put my heart and soul in every story I tell, and I do it that way because…well, mostly because I wouldn’t know how to do it in any other way, really.

Let’s agree it’s a win-win situation…me getting to work on my happiness and you getting what you expect from your wedding photography.

So why Destination weddings? Well, because there is something in common about destination weddings that gets to my heart every. single. time! What is it? It’s the way everybody comes together. The way it makes people focus on each other.  It really doesn’t happen the same way at local weddings.
The stories I get to tell at destination weddings are often more emotional and reach another depth than at local weddings.
They reveal more layers of the everybody and everything around me. They reveal you.

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I also have the honor of being  a “Good Fella”, a wedding vendor they strongly recommend on Sweden’s most beautiful Wedding blog, Vintage Honey Moon:

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I am also a proud photographer for the Essence Vitae Project, for families enduring life threatening diseases.