While trying to find time to structure all the blogposts with last season’s weddings that are still missing here, and all the beautiful things happening this year, I thought of this: I dislike the idea of you visiting my blog and not ever finding anything new to look at. I am trying not to stress about this, but I do worry. I have been doing so many interesting things, meeting so many lovely people … but truth being told, after 2012 overload of editing hours and computer related work, I have been having troubles finding my way back to my keyboard. Anxiety, I suppose. I’ll struggle my way through it, but I would love for you to be able to see what I have been doing. So here is an invitation for you. On my Facebook Page you will find the most important announcements, travel schedules, sneak peeks from weddings, and some more. Just go and like it. all the updates will then come to you ! Now, on my Instagram flow, that’s where the goods are! every single day, I document what I do, the places I visit, the clients I meet…It’s my second brain. I record everything there, hopefully, in a sufficient artsy manner for you to find it pleasant to follow! Just Follow me! Photographer_Wedding_Florence