I had pictures in my head. I needed a model. I wouldn’t dare to ask someone to be naked in front of my camera. I finally had to ask. I am glad I did. Here is why. First, I discovered that somehow, our western culture, media, and perhaps religion, has been making us all believe that nudity is all about sexuality. It is a hard step to ask someone to pose naked for me, because the last thing I want, is to be another one of those asholes, objectifying women and pretending they don’t. All in the name of art. That was my own internal battle. Second, most of  the models listed up for my request turned out to be women in their  30s and all the way up to their 50s, all mothers . I was taken by surprise by this! I would never have guessed. Here is what I have learned: they are so, so tired of looking at themselves in the  mirror and expect to see a different body than the one they were given. They are tired of measuring themselves by what society and media dictates as the ”healthy & beautiful” body. They have had enough. They want someone to look at them and  introduce them to a different way of evaluate and appreciate their own  bodies. They want to feel beautiful  but mostly, they long to feel comfortable with and in their bodies. They want to make peace with it. They want to make peace with themselves. It’s not even about empowerment. It’s really about making peace. This, from my perspective, as a photographer made me realize I had not only the possibility to finally show how I really feel about human beauty, it also gave me a responsibility. I need to acknowledge these women and their view in the matter. I need to try in making their voices heard. I need to take this a step farther. That is how the ”In peace” project was born. Just  this morning, as a matter of fact. We need to make peace with our bodys. We really do. I am so thankful for all the mails these women sent me! So thankful that they  trust me with their fears and frustrations. Thankful for the gift of being asked to make a difference. Thank you! You are amazing! Here is my first ever photography session for ”In peace” . She is 30 and a mother of 2. Nakedness has been struggling part of her life. Mirrors lie. They really do. In fact, that’s all they do. Värmland photographerBergslagen Värmland photographer Värmland photographer