I have been longing to blog this beautiful vintage wedding and I am finally able to do it. I have told you about Gardenia & Gustaf before. When we first met, they made clear that both had a very special interest for aesthetics, and that their wedding would be vintage themed, but they also were very clear about something else. Their main interest was to make their day as special as possible for their guests, making them feel appreciated. It was to feel cosy, personal, and about family and friendship laces. Not about the pretty stuff. They designed vintage letterpress invitations as well as place holders. In each placeholder, every guest would find an personal, interesting description of the 3 guests sitting immediately in front and beside them. Like small love notes to and about each guest. What an amazing gift! The time and attention they put into these! They also collected smal silver vases for a long time and made question that every table would get a different vintage floral arrangement. Everything was about showing their love for their guests. See, that is something I have been noticing. No matter if I am a Stockholm wedding photographer for the day, or an Italy wedding photographer, or even a local one for that matter. I have been seeing this connection between my couples, that has helped me identify what it is that they see in my photography, making them certain that I am the one who should tell their story. I am thinking of writing a blogpost about this soon. You see, all my weddings feel and are personal to me. I feel them in different ways. I bring home different feelings and lessons learned from each one of them. From Gardenia and Gustaf, I learned to recognize the greatness of love as a leading star. The calm loving strength and loyalty that brings and keeps people together. The power of really listening and seeing others. That is what I brought home from their lovely day. Gardenia & Gustaf, I often think of you two, and how special one felt around you two. You have this tremendous gift of making people around you feel both seen and loved. Thank you for having me! Great Gatsby vintage wedding in Stockholm, at Villa AdolfsbergGreat Gatsby vintage wedding in Stockholm, at Villa AdolfsbergGreat Gatsby vintage wedding in Stockholm, at Villa AdolfsbergGreat Gatsby vintage wedding in Stockholm, at Villa AdolfsbergWedding Rings Designed by Géodésique / Tokyo. Valentino bridal shoesWedding at vintage venue Villa AdolfsbergHair and styling by Madelin DowneyHair and styling  by Madelin DowneyStockholm_wedding_photographer016Vintage clock, Great Gatsby wedding in StockholmGreat Gatsby vintage wedding in Stockholm, at Villa AdolfsbergWedding at vintage venue Villa AdolfsbergGreat Gatsby vintage wedding in Stockholm, at Villa AdolfsbergGreat Gatsby vintage wedding in Stockholm, at Villa AdolfsbergGreat Gatsby vintage wedding in Stockholm, at Villa AdolfsbergStockholm_wedding_photographer024Beautiful wedding bouquet by Madelin DowneyWedding at vintage venue Villa AdolfsbergWedding at vintage venue Villa AdolfsbergStockholm_wedding_photographer031Stockholm_wedding_photographer030Stockholm_wedding_photographer032Stockholm_wedding_photographer033Stockholm_wedding_photographer034Stockholm_wedding_photographer035Stockholm_wedding_photographer036Stockholm_wedding_photographer037Stockholm_wedding_photographer038Great Gatsby vintage wedding in Stockholm, at Villa AdolfsbergStockholm_wedding_photographer039Stockholm_wedding_photographer040Stockholm_wedding_photographer041Stockholm_wedding_photographer042Stockholm_wedding_photographer043Stockholm_wedding_photographer044Stockholm_wedding_photographer045Stockholm_wedding_photographer046Stockholm_wedding_photographer047Stockholm_wedding_photographer048Stockholm_wedding_photographer052Stockholm Wedding Vintage Corona typewriterStockholm_wedding_photographer049Stockholm_wedding_photographer050Stockholm_wedding_photographer051Stockholm wedding vintageLetter pressLetterpressStockholm Wedding VenueStockholm Wedding VenueStockholm Wedding VenueStockholm wedding venueWedding presents that matterStockholm_wedding_photographer064Stockholm wedding venueStockholm Wedding VintageStockholm_wedding_photographer067Valentino bridal shoesStockholm Wedding VenueStockholm Vintage themed weddingStockholm Wedding VenueStockholm wedding vintageStockholm Wedding VenueStockholm Wedding VenueVilla AdolfsbergStockholm Wedding VenueStockholm Wedding Venue Venue: Villa Adolfsberg, Stockholm Wedding rings : Géodésique / Tokyo.

Bride: Dress was handmade by a family friend, shoes  från Valentino, Jewelry from brides mother. Groom: Tailor George Fashions,  and vintage fly from A Marchesan, Gold watch inherited from Gustaf’s grand father . Hair and flowers: Madelin Downey, Downeys blomster och jazz / Stockholm Make up: Karolina Olsson Haglund / Stockholm Jazz band: Felix Unsöld Kvartett