So this is how it looks so far.

I am going to be all over the place this summer, shooting weddings! If any of you has been waiting for a good occasion to be portrayed by me, here are my destinations and respective dates, so far, we could always meet and have a session on the same weekend.

Just let me know if any of these are suitable:

25th May Karlstad, Sweden
15th June, Rättvik,Sweden
24th-28th June, Norfolk, England
3th August, Jylland, Danmark
17th August, Florence, Italy

Also, I might travel up to the Swedish Laponia, this summer, but nothing confirmed yet.

Another great thing is that I have been getting inquiries for  family sessions in Portugal, so if I get 3-4 more, I might just take a trip down to “Lusitania” as well

Just let me know! we will make it work!

We might just get the perfect date .