Now that I have found my way back to bloging, I might just start with this beautiful love story between Gardenia and Gustaf. We met in Stockholm last summer and I was in tears as I left them. Their wedding is coming up soon, but I just have to share this with you. Their first date was to the movies. They watch ”Lost in Translation together”. So when Gustaf decided to propose, he arrange for a trip to Japan, managed the impossible. He made reservations at the Tokio Park Hyatt’s bar. The exact same location for the movie set. Gardenia of course had no idea that he was planing this, and was convinced that they were going there to meet a friend for a business dinner. It took a while for her to understand that their were not waiting for anyone else. Even after he asked her to marry her, she was still waiting for the guests to arrive! This is the single most beautiful proposal I have ever heard of. The time,effort and attention to details, Gustaf was able to put into their engagement was just endearing. I completely see why he did it also. Gardenia is the most special and tender person on earth. This is what true love looks like. Lost in Translation, or not.