What does a wedding photographer photographs when he’s not photographing weddings?

What does a wedding photographer photographs when traveling?

As a wedding photographer, it’s easy to just showcase my work and forget to show you what really inspires me to shoot the way I do.

Every photographer has a path,  a journey they did that lead them to a particular way of feeling and  seing.

I will try to show you some of my personal work, and share with you how I see the and feel the world.

Last September, I traveled to Portugal to shoot some work for a magazine (more about that later). My family could come along, and one afternoon, we went for a tour in the country. Alentejo. You just have to go there. Trust me.

I felt fascinated by the trees growing on that part of  Portugal. They were like a sculpture everyone of them. The silhuettes  of my children playing in the sun under the trees were just the kind of sight that fills my heart with happiness and inspires me to pick up my camera.

I recently dedicated myself to film photography, and use a Hasselblad 553 EXL for that purpose.

One roll back from the lab and I was crying.

I could just feel all of it over and over again. My memories of a beautiful afternoon registered for ever on a roll of Portra 400.

The lab that has been developing and scanning all my film work is the FINDlab…you know Jonathan Canlas Lab.


Castro Verde

Castro VerdeCastro Verde