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  • Castello di Vincigliata, Florence
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  • Destination wedding Photographer, Canada
  • Nina & Thomas wedding, østra Jylland, Denmarg
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  • Wedding at Stockholm City hall

Why do I photograph?

I want the world to know that everybody and everything fits. It just does.

You fit. Perfectly.

Any given second. Regardless of circumstances or others. I seek and wait for that special frame when there will be no argue about how beautifully you suit this chain of love and humanity. Just by being there, and being you.

I imagine that ultimately, by continuously searching and exposing this sense of harmony and belonging around me, I might be searching for my own sense of belonging.

Hoping that in doing that, the misfit in me will fit too.

How to get in touch

Honestly? I do prefer phone calls

No, not because I want to trick you inte buying anything, but for the simple reason that I suck at answering e-mails in a reasonable frame of time . I need a system. I am working on it.

Still, if you prefer to e-mail me, just promise that you will call me in a couple of days, if I fail to answer. Just to check up on things. Promise!
Sometimes I am really busy and traveling, and e-mail just gets easily out of hand for me.

Tel: +46 702 312 837

Also, feel free to join me on Instagram and Twitter, and make sure to ” Like” my page on Facebook. Usually, the latest news are updated there more frequently than on the blog.